How Do I Care For & Clean My Gold Jewelry

Want to stay shining? Follow these steps to clean your piece!

  1. Grab a bowl of warm water
  2. Add some mild liquid dishwashing detergent. (Dawn works best)
  3. Grab a soft brush and scrub the jewelry lightly until you create suds.
  4. Work the brush into crevices to clean it well.
  5. Rinse with warm water until all soap residue is gone.
  6. Take a soft cloth and polish lightly against the gold.

Remember avoid contact with bleach! Bleach erodes gold and leaves unsightly stains. Perfume, cosmetics and hairspray also damage gold.

Always remember to take your piece off when you sleep and store in a safe place, tossing and turning at night DOES cause scratching to your piece!

What Does Karat Mean?

Gold Karat is the ratio of how much pure gold is mixed into your piece! This is why you can see an enormous price difference from say a 10k piece to an 18k piece. Below we offer a table showing you the percentage of gold that is included in relation to the karat. Remember gold is sold by weight and purity! The purer the gold and heavier the more expensive it gets!

  • 22k Gold = 91.66% Gold Content
  • 18k Gold =  75% Gold Content
  • 14k Gold = 58.33% Gold Content
  • 10k Gold = 41.66% Gold Content

Is Gold A Good Investment?

Gold is great investment! This metal is called the noblest of metals and for great reason. Gold has been used as currency since the age of man and was the preferred metal of kings and still is a huge economic indicator. Just think 10 years ago pure gold was selling for 400 USD an oz and just recently hit an all time high of 1800 dollars per ounce! Think of your new piece as an investment that will constantly appreciate over time!